About The Little River Lure Lady 

My name is Zena Quattlebaum also known as the Little River Lure Lady on Lake Murray SC.  My grandaddy L.C. Quattlebaum was the owner of Little River Lures on Lake Murray for over 50 years. He hosted crappie tournaments for local fisherman and children for 20 years. Although he passed away in 2005 our family still owns and leases Little River Landing Bait and Tackle. Growing up my grandaddy showed me some of the tricks of the trade from all the old time fisherman that I use in making my lures today. One of the attributes that set his jigs apart was that he added a split ring to all of his jig heads. This was a tedious process that he wasn't willing to do himself so he hired my mother and other local women in the area to help him put the split rings on each jig. The reason why the ring is so important is because it helps the jig head move more naturally in the water. I've incorporated this little trick into my own jig making. It is the most time consuming task but it's worth it! As for the other secret methods I use in my jig tying I won’t tell but you will reap all the benefits when fishing with Little River Lure Lady jigs. I’ve made some of the best memories of my life fishing on Lake Murray with my family and I hope that through my brand I can encourage more families to fish together and make memories on the water. 

 About BEAMZ Sunglasses 

My name is Zena and I have been in the beauty and fashion industry for almost 20 years as a salon and boutique owner. My love for sunglasses was passed down to me from my mama. She taught me that BIG sunglasses and a BIG smile are a woman’s best accessories. When I first started making these people would ask, “how do they stay on?” They stay on just fine themselves, doing normal daily activities, but it had me wondering how I could make the product better and address this concern. I tried many things but then came up with the idea of the charm clip.  This clip doubles as earrings on the chain clipping the chain to the ear, keeping the glasses in place when doing more strenuous activities such as boating and this unique feature became the distinguishing mark of the BEAMZ brand. I make and design each pair near Lake Murray South Carolina. I can also do custom orders or remove the arms from your favorite pair of glasses and convert them into a custom built design of your own. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out by emailing us @ beamzsunglasses@myyahoo.com Thanks for shopping